PIE stands for Plasma, Ion and Electron. PIE Scientific specializes in developing plasma sources and their applications in plasma etching, sample surface modification, contamination removal, ion and electron beam production. PIE Scientific’s mission is to bring the latest plasma technology developed in the semiconductor and nuclear research into affordable plasma instruments for research communities.
PIE Scientific also provides OEM plasma cleaner and ion source components for semiconductor capital equipment industry, electron microscope manufacturers, etc. The company takes great pride in its engineering design and technical capability.
The sales area of the EO Elektronen-Optik-Service GmbH for PIE Scientific products encompasses the territory of the European Union (EU) plus Western European countries like Switzerland.

Featured Applications

Electron and
Ion Microscopes

FIB dual beam

Surface Cleaning & Activation
Modify surface wettability
Improve bonding
Etching and deposition

Medical Applications
Improve biocompatibility
Medical sterilization
Enhance adhesion